Episode #7 - Thomas Mende
The Neutral Project
March 28, 2024
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0:00 - Intro
1:16 - Meet Thomas Mende, President & CEO of Binderholz Timber, LLC
3:40 - About Binderholz Timber
8:55 - How does Binderholz use forest management and work with forest managers?
15:00 - Forestry management in Austria vs. the United States
19:15 - Avoiding the risk of forest fires
22:19 - Sustainability principles of Binderholz Timber
24:30 - What happens to the logs after they are milled?
29:00 - From small piece of wood to larger panels
35:25 - Strength-grade of lumber and moisture content

Episode Summary 

We had the pleasure of hosting Thomas Mende, President and CEO of Binderholz Timber, as we delved into mass timber production and forest management. Thomas shared insights into Binderholz's approach to forest management and its collaboration with forest managers to ensure sustainable practices. We also explored the differences between forest management practices in Austria/Germany and the United States. Furthermore, we studied Binderholz's sustainability principles and their commitment to environmental stewardship.

Through Thomas's expertise, we gained a deeper understanding of the journey of CLT, from the tree growing in the forest to milling the log and transforming it into larger cross-laminated panels for construction. We also discussed our work regarding moisture content in mass timber products. Join us as we discuss mass timber production and its profound impact on the sustainable construction industry.


  • https://www.binderholz.com/en-us/

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