Strengthen your portfolio while stewarding our environment.

We develop places that promote restorative lifestyles and honor the ethos of environmental stewardship while creating communities for people and alpha returns for our investors.


Sustainable; communities, buildings, and investing.

Neutral democratizes real estate investing and invites individuals to join our mission of stewarding our environment and creating more sustainable communities, buildings, and investments. Align your values with your investment strategy without compromising investment returns. Invest in a sustainable project to become a steward of your community, and build a more regenerative future with us.


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Access investment opportunities that align with your values and generate alpha returns for your investment portfolio. Whether you are looking for fixed income, appreciating equity, or a combination of both, we offer investments that match these objectives.

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Understand all investment components, from performance metrics to background on the project to market analysis to legal documents. We seek to provide all the information needed to make an informed decision. Our team will help keep your investment goals at the forefront and are available to assist you at every step of the investment journey.

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Receive updates on the project's progress in areas like construction, financials, legal, design, tax, property management, and other aspects of the investments. We are always here to help provide further guidance and information for our investors as needed.

Why Invest?

Our comprehensive investment analysis ensures that our developments achieve risk-adjusted alpha returns that bring you the best possible opportunities. 

Alpha Returns

Access exceptional investment opportunities, offering higher returns for both beginner and experienced real estate investors.

Passive Income

Our investment opportunities provide passive income, offering flexibility and rewarding returns with minimal effort.

Tangible Assets

Invest in tangible assets like real estate that appreciate over time and are not subject to stock market volatility.

Flexible Investment Options

Tailor your portfolio with our range of flexible options, including debt and equity investments, to meet your specific criteria.

Values-Driven Investment

Invest with us to generate returns while actively contributing to reducing carbon emissions in the built environment, making a positive impact on the world.

Portfolio Diversification

Gain valuable diversification, stability, and longevity by adding noncyclical investments and tangible assets to your portfolio.


Why Invest?

Our comprehensive investment analysis ensures that our developments achieve risk-adjusted alpha returns that bring you the best possible opportunities.

Stringent Market Criteria

Market Selection

The development team targets select markets with stringent criteria, such as robust population growth, a high percentage of renters versus owner-occupied housing, employer expansion, low vacancy rates, minimal rent concessions, and central locations with access to amenities.

Market Study

For each market and project, our team engages a comprehensive market study from The Concord Group, a third-party market intelligence firm, to provide insightful context on the multifamily fundamentals of the market area. The Concord Group is a leading real estate market analysis advisor with deep experience and extensive relationships in the multifamily asset types.

Market Informed Unit-Mix

The Concord Group guides our team in designing the unit layouts, mix, and sizes to ensure that our design incorporates market intelligence to maximize the project's gross revenue.

Risk Mitigation

Underwriting Fundamentals

Our team follows a stringent underwriting process with specific metrics that must be achieved to proceed with the development. The project's lender underwriters scrutinize these metrics to ensure that they meet their requirements. A few key metrics that we will not allow a project to move forward without being greater than a 14% investor internal rate of return (IRR), no less than a 5.5% untrended yield on cost (YOC), executed guaranteed maximum price that matches the financial model, minimum investor equity multiplier (EM) greater than 1.75x.

Full Lifecycle Design

At the heart of our developments is a commitment to both exceptional user experience and environmental sustainability. We achieve this by adhering to the highest sustainability standards, such as Passive House and Living Building Challenge certifications. Our holistic approach considers every stage of the project lifecycle, encompassing operational and embodied carbon, water and energy efficiency, and the well-being of residents. Mass Timber construction is key to our success, reducing carbon emissions while promoting health through biophilic design.

Guaranteed Maximum Price Contracts

We utilize Guaranteed Maximum Price Contracts (GMP) with C.D. Smith Construction to provide certainty in hard cost pricing and mitigate construction inflation risk during the project’s construction life cycle.


An interest rate cap is an insurance policy on a floating rate, most frequently the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SORF). Our team works with experienced derivative traders to hedge against our project's interest rate risk and mitigate any downside risk generally associated with floating-rate construction loans. 

Tax Optimization

Real Estate Tax Analysis:

Real estate taxes are typically the largest expense for a real estate investment. By integrating granular real estate tax analysis from Ryan Tax, we create the most informed financial models with regard to taxes.

Tax Deductions

Tax Deductions: We search far and wide with our tax accountants to find the most advantageous tax deductions available for our projects, to provide the best tax

Tax Credits

Strong Sponsorship Experience

Experienced Development Team

The Neutral Project’s team has decades of experience in multifamily and mixed-use development, solidifying the company's reputation as an innovative and successful sustainable real estate developer.

Advisory Board of Directors

The Neutral Project has assembled an advisory board of directors with members who have in-depth experience in real estate development, capital markets, architecture, engineering, technology, and property management

Best-in-Class Partners

With partners such as C.D. Smith Construction, Michael Green Architecture, Hartshorne Plunkard Architects, Hines, and Thornton Thomasseti, our rigid partnership selection criteria to ensure our projects receive expert-level care.

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"They've taken the time to guide me through the investing process, provided sound insight, and have given detailed investment projections and project updates at every phase of the projects."

- John H.


"Their attention to detail and concern for each individual investor means a lot to us. We look forward to many more years of our partnership with this awesome team."

- Gary H.


"Their professionalism, integrity, visionary approach, and excellent communication make them a standout in the industry."

Jake D.


The testimonials presented on this page have been provided by actual investors in Neutral developments without compensation. Neutral has selected the testimonials, and certain testimonials have been edited to remove personally identifiable information and for brevity. Testimonials were not selected based on objective or random criteria, but rather were selected based on Neutralt's understanding of its relationship with the providers of the testimonials. 


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