Episode #1 - Michael Green
The Neutral Project
January 5, 2024
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  • 4:20 - How mass timber make buildings more sustainable and can actually makes humans healthier
  • 6:52 - If you’re cutting trees down, how is mass timber sustainable or good for forests?
  • 8:53 - FSC and SFI certified wood and sourcing sustainable wood/mass timber
  • 10:55 - Using AI in the forestry process and digitally scanning wood to track its sustainability journey
  • 14:35 - Democratizing natural resources and the divide between rural and urban communities
  • 20:08 - What MGA is working on in Sweden
  • 24:15 - What is LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and the art of taking mass timber from wood planks to a functional development
  • 29:50 - Self-driving cars, valets, and mitigating the carbon footprint of parking structures 
  • 39:18 - Re-imagining cities and urban infrastructure
  • 44:27 - F I V E - a focus on plant-based building components
  • 52:35 - How plants could be used as a building material
  • 56:05 - The Neutral Project and MGA tease a historic project they’re working on

Episode Summary

Michael Green, Founder and Principal of Michael Green Architecture (MGA), and the man who is credited for coining the term “mass timber”, joins us to discuss an array of topics, from responsible forestry, to insights into the intersection of sustainability, architecture, and urban design. 

Learn how mass timber not only enhances the sustainability of buildings but can also contribute to human well-being. Additionally, we explore the importance of FSC and SFI-certified wood, delving into the intricate process of sourcing sustainable wood and mass timber. Our conversation also touches on the utilization of AI in forestry, democratizing natural resources, and addressing the divide between rural and urban communities.

Lastly, listen as Michael Green shares his unique perspective on mitigating the carbon footprint of parking structures, exploring innovative concepts like self-driving cars and valets, and a visionary look into re-imagining cities and urban infrastructure. 

We conclude our conversation by discussing F I V E, a concept Michael Green and MGA are working on that focuses on the potential of using plant-based materials in buildings. This forward-thinking approach aims to revolutionize construction practices and foster sustainability on a grand scale.

Join us as we embark on a journey through sustainable architecture, urban design, and visionary concepts with Michael Green. Together, we explore the potential of mass timber, the intricacies of sourcing sustainable materials, and the exciting possibilities that F I V E presents for the future of building design.


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