Episode #10 - Ray Hartshorne
The Neutral Project
May 9, 2024
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0:44 - Meet Ray Hartshorne
8:16 - Brief history of timber from ancient times to the invention of heavy timber
“fireproof” construction
20:50 - How the Chicago Fire affected the Chicago building code
24:00 - The interest in repurposing heavy timber buildings, and the role of Millennials and Big Tech in embracing new mass timber buildings
34:00 - Creating successful real estate in Chicago’s Fulton Market
39:03 - Heavy timber and mass timber, creating a neighborhood in Nashville’s
Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood
47:00 - The importance of building interiors and amenities in real estate
49:25 - How timber construction can help us control the temperature of our planet
51:00 - Classical and vernacular architecture - using the past to inspire design
solutions for the future

Episode Summary 

In this episode of The Neutral Podcast, we sat down with Ray Hartshorne, Co-Founder and Partner at Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture ("HPA"). He and his team at HPA are leading the design for The Neutral Project's historic development in Milwaukee, The Edison

Join us as we discuss the history of timber framing from ancient times, and how Ray and his Co-Founder Jim Plunkard have renovated heavy timber in historic rehabilitations and designed new mass timber high-rise buildings like The Edison. Nate and Ray discuss the sustainable practice of repurposing existing buildings, which can inspire new designs for mass timber.


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